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MS-290 motor siren features high volume 110dB, AC 220. The metal or plastic alarm/siren comes with quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage. Cheap price and high performance industrial alarm sound is used for for Small lifting machine, transport vehicle, etc.


  • MS-290 motor siren comes with high volume 110dB, continuous sound, strong penetration, drives the wind screw siren to sound the alarm, which sounds like an electric drill, easy to find the alarm in time.
  • The MS-290 motor siren is suitable for use in ships, fire trucks, automobiles and anti-theft systems of buildings as an alarm.
  • Industrial alarm sound can be installed with screws, air outlet can be adjusted up and down easily.
  • The motor driven siren features quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage, durable, stable working, long life span, durable metal shell and plastic shell.
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Model PEACO-MS-290
Voltage* 220V AC
Current 6A, 2.5A, 0.9A, 0.43A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 50W, 60W
Color Gray
Noise Volume 110-115dB
Material* Plastic shell (MS-290A), Metal Shell (MS-290B)
Applications Suitable for transmitting signals in small elevators, transport vehicles, small ship machinery warehouses, etc.
Protection IP54
Unit Weight 0.8kg

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