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MS-590 motor siren can be widely used for urban air defense warnings, natural disaster warnings with high volume 120-125dB. The motor driven siren has voltage of AC 220V, 300W power. The metal shell provides high quality for use in harsh environment and full pure copper motor makes the siren/alarm produce less heat and work stably.


  • MS-590 motor siren comes with high volume 120dB-125dB, continuous sound, strong penetration, drives the wind screw siren to sound the alarm, which sounds like an electric drill, easy to find the alarm in time.
  • The MS-590 motor siren is suitable for cranes, ships, farms, mines, reservoirs, airports, fire, factorys, workshops warehouses, etc. as warnings, signals and alarm horns.
  • There are four pre-drilled holes on the solid base for easy installation with four screws. Just connect the industrial alarm to the power source, then it will work.
  • The motor driven siren features quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage, durable, stable working, long life span, durable shell.
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Model PEACO-MS-590
Voltage* 220V AC
Current 2.3A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 300W
Color Red
Volume 120-125dB
Frequency 50/60Hz
Material* Metal materials
Applications Applicable to mines, university towns, urban air defense warnings, natural disaster warnings.
Protection IP44
Unit Weight 5kg

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2 Kgs, 5 kgs