Model No: MS-190



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MS-190 motor siren is a mini motor siren, comes with a wide selection of voltages AC 220V,110dB volume, metal shell. Cost-effective motor driven siren suits well for truck, boat, lifts and other places where information needs to be transmitted.


  • The MS-190 motor siren is suitable for use in ships, fire trucks, automobiles and anti-theft systems of buildings as an alarm.
  • The sound can reach 114 decibels, continuous sound, strong penetration, easy to find the alarm in time.
  • The metal shell is coated with red anti-rust paint, which is more durable.
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Model PEACO-MS-190
Voltage* 220V AC
Current 6A, 2.5A, 0.9A, 0.43A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 20W, 50W
Color Red
Volume 110-115dB
Material Metal shell
Applications Suitable for transmitting signals in small elevators, transport vehicles, small ship machinery warehouses, etc.
Protection IP54
Unit Weight 0.6kg

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2 Kgs, 5 kgs