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MS-790 motor siren can be widely used for urban air defense warnings, natural disaster warnings with high volume 115-125dB. The motor driven siren has voltage of AC 220V, 500W power. The metal shell of motor driven siren provides high quality for use in harsh environment and full pure copper motor makes the siren/alarm produce less heat and work stably.


  • MS-790 motor siren comes with high volume 115dB-125dB, continuous sound, strong penetration, drives the wind screw siren to sound the alarm, which sounds like an electric drill, easy to find the alarm in time.
  • The MS-790 motor siren is suitable for cranes, ships, farms, mines, reservoirs, airports, fire, factorys, workshops warehouses, etc. as warnings, signals and alarm horns.
  • There are four pre-drilled holes on the solid base for easy installation with four screws. Just connect the industrial alarm to the power source, then it will work.
  • The motor driven siren features quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage, durable, stable working, long life span, durable shell.
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Model PEACO-MS-790
Voltage* 220V AC
Current 2A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 500W
Color Red
Volume 115-125dB
Frequency 50/60Hz
Material* Metal materials
Applications Applicable to mines, university towns, urban air defense warnings, natural disaster warnings.
Protection IP44
Warranty 1 year
Unit Weight 7kg

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