Model No: CONCORD-50M

Fire Extinguisher Trolley DCP 50KG Germany


Product Details:

  • Effective extinguishing efficiency
  • A one man-operational unit
  • Allows repeated operation and intermittence at will
  • Equipped with a pressure filling/release valve and a pressure gauge
  • Equipped with a 5 m reinforced rubber hose for easy manoeuvring
  • Equipped with a heat and an electricity-isolated operating pistol
  • Supported on two rear rollers with chemical-resistant tyres and a front steel support
  • Affords the highest extinguishing rating due to its multipurpose dry chemical powder “BAVARIA Special Powder” (ABC)
  • Suitable for electrical equipment up to 1000 V, at minimum distance 1 m
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  • APPLICATIONS BAVARIA CONCORD-50 is a rapid intervention, one man operational unit for effective fire fighting
  • EFFICIENCY Effective extinguishing performance rating due to its multipurpose dry chemical powder “BAVARIA Extra powder“ and easy to use
  • RELIABILITY Robust, functional and permanent reliable technology
  • UNIVERSALITY Suitable for solid and glowing incendiary substances, liquid substances or substances becoming liquid and gaseous substances
  • CREDENTIALS Unified operating concept for all types of external pressure cylinder operated extinguishers. Approved
    according to EN1866, TÜV, CE, and ES 1494.
  • SPEED Open head valve of fire extinguisher for immediate readiness, and squeeze pistol lever to attack fire from below
  • EASY to USE Supported on two rear rollers and a front directional roller for easier maneuvering.Equipped with a reinforced rubber hose and
    pistol for control.
  • ECONOMY Low maintenance due to identical components throughout the series
  • QUALITY BAVARIA is certified according to Quality, Environment and OHSAS Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO
    14001 and BS-OHSAS 18001

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2 Kgs, 5 kgs