Model No: AFO-1

Fire Stop Spray 500 ml


Product Details:

  • Packaging Size : 500 ml
  • Packaging Type :Bottle
  • Application Surface :Car, House Hold , Office, Train, Air, Boat, Emergency Services, Trekking & Holidaying etc
  • Color :Red
  • MaterialCarbon Steel
  • Is It Eco Friendly :Yes
  • Country of Origin :Made in China
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Features And Cautions

  • 1. Non TOXIC
  • 2. Environmentally safe
  • 3. Ozone Friendly
  • 4. Portable and Handy
  • 5. A must for every Car, House Hold , Office, Train, Air, Boat, Emergency Services, Trekking and Holidaying etc.
  • 6. Can be kept in the bottle Holder of your Automobile easily, shelves etc.
  • 7.can also be fixed on the walls of Automobiles, Homes and Offices using the stand provided along with the container.
  • 8. Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations. Children should be trained thoroughly and strictly under adult supervision.
  • 9. Quantity NET. 500 ml How to use, safety and precautions of use.
  • 10. Spray directly on the base of flames.
  • 11. If initial application does not completely extinguish fire, Call your local emergency number or fire department.
  • 12. Be careful with electric installations. Content is under pressure i.e. it is pressured packed. So Do Not punch / break, Do Not try to puncture, Do Not burn the container anytime.
  • 13. Protect from direct sun rays and do not expose to a temperatures above 50 degree C.
  • 14. Keep out of reach of children.
  • 15. Keep away from source of ignition. Dispose the container safely after use as per the local safely and disposal standards.
  • 16. Legal Disclaimer: Please thoroughly refer and comply with your local safety standards and legal guidelines for usage, storage and disposing of this product.

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