Model No: SIGMA 60

Fire Extinguisher Trolley CO2 60KG Germany


Product Details:

  • Suitable for Fighting flammable Liquids And Electric Fires.
  • Allow interruption and repeated operation.
  • Carbon dioxide is a clean agent that leaves no traces, thus ideal for fighting fires involving electronic & hi-tech equipment and medical engineering.
  • Supported on stable chassis with two hard rubber wheeled, two blows and clamps for exact of the bottle, for Easy operation and maneuvering.
  • Equipped with tube and snow pipe with ball valve.
  • High agility in use by 10 m long high pressure hose.
  • Brass wheel-type operating valve head complete with an overpressure safety valve.
  • Suitable for electrical systems up to 1.000 v, minimum distance 1m.
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2 Kgs, 5 kgs