What is personal protective equipment?

Working in a factory or on a construction site is everything but easy. To preserve oneself from a life-threatening disaster, you must have all of the necessary protection equipment. Many builders, firefighters, and people who work with hazardous chemicals own all of these items, as safety is a top priority for any job. Workers can reduce the number of preventable accidents that occur on job sites each year by wearing the necessary safety equipment.

It may come as a surprise, but a person dies every day as a result of mishaps that occur on the building site or in factories. Because the worker was not wearing personal protective equipment, some of these events occurred. The value of personal protection equipment skyrockets as a result of these accidents.

HACSON’S is a leading provider of personal protective equipment. It has been in business for a long time, providing Industrial Supplies to a variety of enterprises in Pakistan. We see ourselves as a single-source provider of complete safety solutions for our customers, with a diverse range of goods and services.

This blog will educate with some of our amazing personal protective equipment:

Aluminized Fire Suit

Made of multiple layers, this fire suit acts as a life-saving costume. The suit’s exterior layer is comprised of thick aluminized fiberglass cloth, with a water-resistant, moisture-barrier intermediate layer and a fire-retardant comfort layer within.

Safety Joggers

They’re also great for professionals who have to go through metal detectors multiple times every day. One of the most significant elements of safety and work footwear is slip resistance.

Safety Helmet

The safety helmet’s classic design has served as a solid foundation for the new Evolution line. The head is protected from every angle with this all-around head protection.

Leather Welding Gloves

Welding is a dangerous job, thus gloves come in helpful for protecting both the wrist and the hands. To protect the hands during welding, leather welding gloves are essential. These gloves allow for digit mobility while also shielding the user from electrical shock.

Dust Goggles

Eye protection is provided by safety glasses in ordinary working settings when dust, chips, or flying particles may be present. This equipment is ideal if you’re always working near busy areas or on a construction site where dust is constantly in the air.

We have no control over incidents that occur as it is not in our hands but safety is something we can take care of. Wearing personal protective equipment can save us from many dangers. HACSONS provides you with the best quality protection equipment.

Head Protection Safety

In these times of rapid technological development, we often forget life’s most important things. Our brain is a fragile organ that is the center of control of our body. It helps control all of our actions.

Every year, many construction workers suffer severe head injuries as a result of not wearing safety helmets or utilizing low-quality headgear. As a result, we must utilize such head protection safety devices that are of excellent quality and assure that they will not cause any injuries.

Impacts of Head Injury:
Even after a minor crash to the head, it can cause pain and long-lasting symptoms. The more severe the impact, the more long-term effects. There are many survivors of brain injury that faced many personality problems as they grow. Along with this, impacts of head injury cause many effects including:

• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Memory Problems

HANSON’S is the best Fire Safety Equipment Suppliers. It has been in the business for many years having been engaged in Industrial Supplies to quite many organizations in Pakistan. Over the last 26 years, we have grown enormously from a small trader to one of the largest distributors of Safety, Welding, and other Industrial equipment.
In this blog, we’ll put a light on our head protection safety products:

Safety Helmet:
The MK®7 hard hat’s classic design has served as a strong basis for the new Evolution line. MK®7 is one of the most recognizable modern safety helmets due to its no-nonsense look and robustness. The MK®7 is a genuine asset for any workforce, with a much-copied look that has become a true classic, a design that still performs far better than the standard demands, and tried and proved adaptability.

safety halmet

Bump Cap:
The bump cap is designed to protect the wearer’s head from damage when it collides with hard, stationary objects. These hats were designed specifically for construction workers’ safety in Taiwan. It’s also available in four vivid hues.bump cap

Chin Guard:
This chin guard is a protective strap that employees wear under their chin. This is especially important for individuals operating at a height. Plus, it protects the helmet from falling down off a worker’s head.

chin guard

Hard Cap:
When coupled with the castellated protective liner, the distinctive angled adjuster intended to fit under the occipital bone at the back of the head ensures that one size fits everyone. Because the liner is detachable, the cap may be machine washed for hygienic reasons. It includes a terry toweling sweatband for extra comfort and discreet reflective piping in all colorways for improved visibility and safety.cap

Safety Helmet [Model No: EVO-2-Slip-Ratchet]
This helmet combines a very robust shell with the comfort benefits of the new Evolution® 3D Adjustment TM harness system for exceptional all-day protection in a wide range of situations.

safety halmet

HASCONS has been recognized as an established and popular company with our excellent track record for outstanding customer service with a team of experts who always strives to provide better and better solutions to our customers.

What are safety joggers and why should you own a pair?

Are you a fitness freak? Or does your daily life require you to wear something a little extra than the usual footwear—in terms of safety and protection?

For the longest time, I used to think that safety joggers shoes are supposed to be ugly looking, gigantic blocks of rubber, that weigh almost as much as half my weight and would require a few horsepowers worth of energy for me to walk wearing them. How wrong was I? or maybe I was right all these years with my perception of safety shoes, and finally, some God-sent heard my prayers and came with safety joggers!
Safety joggers, also called safety runners and safety shoes are lightweight protective runner-style shoes designed to offer protection over and above regular shoes. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that is the perfect combination of comfort and protection, then safety joggers are your best bet.

Industrial Safety shoes are highly recommended by safety specialists or people who are involved in tasks like driving, warehouse workers, or anyone who works for elongated hours on hard flat surfaces, for example, at airside on airports. If you are into logistics or transport worker, you can enter your worksite wearing safety joggers without having to worry about changing your footwear.

A little sneak peek into the history of safety joggers
What started as a small shoe factory in Belgium called Cortina, has now turned into an international brand consisting of several brands. Safety joggers are one of the brands.

Working under the trusted and well-reputed name of Cortina, safety joggers have an edge over its competitors as it is considered a stable brand and it can grow without compromising on quality.
Just to give you an idea about the business magnitude and popularity of safety joggers, it sells over 32 million pairs a year!

Safety joggers has its factory located in Belgium with a team of European experts who work diligently to maintain optimum quality and bring about innovative designs that maximize comfort for the wearer.

Safety Joggers


Some key features of the Safety joggers are:
1. Protective toecaps: you must have dropped something heavy on your toe once in your life, and you must be aware of the pain and hurt it causes. Keeping this in mind, safety joggers come with composite toecaps. For anyone, the obvious choice would be to go with shoes having steel toecaps; however, composite toecaps offer the same level of protection, minus the weight. Moreover, it lets you through the scanners at the airport!

If your work calls for special instructions to wear safety shoes with steel toecaps then you can go with Safety Joggers models Bluntstone Active or Oliver WB 34-614.

2. Standards Certified AS/NZS 2210.3: Several models of safety joggers are certified against standards for protective footwear. The sole purpose of Standard AS/NZS 2210.3 is to ensure manufacturers and users with the requirements for Safety footwear intended for use in workplace applications. RSEA Safety recommends choosing certified footwear for better protection and workplace risk reduction.

3. Comfort throughout the day. If your safety shoes promise maximum protection but weigh a ton, then it is bound to affect you. Safety shoes are meant for the workers to wear and walk with them throughout the day. Safety Joggers has come up with the latest model that is as light as feather. Well, the model RedDust only weighs 500 gms. Isn’t that a feather in the shoe family?

4. Heel and arc support: if your work requires you to be at your feet throughout the day, you must be familiar with the pain it may cause at the arch and heel of your feet. Blundstone Active safety joggers feature full-length PORON® XRD™ cushioning and arch support while the Puma Pace safety joggers feature unique Puma DuoCell® technology to reduce impact forces in heel strike. Safety shoes for industry workers reduce the pain in your heel.

Last word:
Hopefully, by now you must be aware of how safety Joggers are different from the ordinary Industrial Safety shoes available on the shelves. If you want to be a proud owner of a pair of safety joggers, try Hansons. Safety shoes for industry workers are available at Hacsons at a premium price.

Fireball! A fire fighting equipment

Something you can not compromise on is fire safety equipment. You do not want fire risks to get in the way of your good night’s sleep. Over the years, there are different types of equipment and methods developed to deal with a fire hazard. Regular extinguishers are heavy and difficult to use by children. Fireballs were invented to make fire safety easy and accessible.

How are fireball devices made?

Fire extinguishing balls have become quite popular in the fire safety market. Have you ever wondered how were they made in the earlier days? Glass balls containing fire suppressant liquids were widely used to extinguish fires. The design eventually fell out of fashion and has just made its comeback now. The modern fire extinguishing balls are not made of glass and are constructed with a foam casing wrapped in PVC. Both of these products are sensitive to heat and flames and react quickly. This triggers the sensor and releases a dry chemical fire suppressant locked inside the extinguisher.

How do fireball devices work?

The basic working principle of all fireballs is the same. An activation strip is attached to the ball’s outer casing, which securely keeps the dry fire extinguishing agent inside. When this activator is exposed to flames for a few seconds, the casing bursts, and a cloud of chemical powder is dispersed. A fireball has the ability to put down flames in an area of 4 to 5 meters. Fireball devices are marked with brightly colored wrappers that display their use and show warnings to those who try to move them.

Where should safety equipment be kept? Why are safety drills so important?

Fire extinguishers need to be placed near sight. The equipment should be easily accessible to help fight the fire. It is worth mentioning that the fire extinguishers should match the fire risks identified. Having a proper fire safety plan is more important than installing extinguishers. furthermore, regular fire drills are very necessary. These drills help people be prepared when a real fire strikes. Safety drills help make sure that the fire alarms are in proper working conditions. Practicing a chaotic situation helps ensure the fire security of fire safety plans and makes people calmer during the actual ordeal.

What are some additional measures needed for safety during a fire?

Whether a fire is major or minor, a lot of damage can take place. Some measures that need to be taken for fire safety include installing smoke detectors and making sure the batteries are always charged. Furthermore, hiding inside during a fire is one of the worst things you can do when a fire occurs. The best course is to run outside and look for a safe place. Falling and rolling is the safest way to keep your clothes from burning.

Why should you choose a fireball extinguisher rather than a traditional extinguisher?

Fireballs have a couple more benefits compared to conventional fire extinguishers. These devices are maintenance-free and typically have a long life, lasting up to five years. Furthermore, these fire extinguishing balls can be easily mounted on walls or rolled into flames. In addition, there s no training needed to use a fireball extinguisher. The easy-to-use function makes fireball extinguishers a wise choice for family houses. The dry chemicals inside this device are non-toxic, which means it is not harmful to animals or humans. Fireballs just need to be thrown and they activate in a few seconds on their own. Moreover, multiple fire extinguishing balls can simultaneously be used to help control a big fire. These fireball extinguishers are effective for fires indoors as well as fires outdoors. Furthermore, disposing of traditional fire extinguishers was a huge hassle. However, fireball extinguishers contain no toxic material so the chemical can be used for fertilizers and the plastic can be recycled. Compared to conventional heavy extinguishers, fireball extinguishers are very light in weight. As these devices are automatic, the chances of a fireball extinguisher failing are almost zero.

Safety is one thing that should never be compromised. Fireball extinguishers need to be active and of good quality. It is safe to buy fire fighting equipment from a well-known company. Hacsons is the best fire fighting equipment supplier in Karachi.