Head Protection Safety

In these times of rapid technological development, we often forget life’s most important things. Our brain is a fragile organ that is the center of control of our body. It helps control all of our actions.

Every year, many construction workers suffer severe head injuries as a result of not wearing safety helmets or utilizing low-quality headgear. As a result, we must utilize such head protection safety devices that are of excellent quality and assure that they will not cause any injuries.

Impacts of Head Injury:
Even after a minor crash to the head, it can cause pain and long-lasting symptoms. The more severe the impact, the more long-term effects. There are many survivors of brain injury that faced many personality problems as they grow. Along with this, impacts of head injury cause many effects including:

• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Memory Problems

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In this blog, we’ll put a light on our head protection safety products:

Safety Helmet:
The MK®7 hard hat’s classic design has served as a strong basis for the new Evolution line. MK®7 is one of the most recognizable modern safety helmets due to its no-nonsense look and robustness. The MK®7 is a genuine asset for any workforce, with a much-copied look that has become a true classic, a design that still performs far better than the standard demands, and tried and proved adaptability.

safety halmet

Bump Cap:
The bump cap is designed to protect the wearer’s head from damage when it collides with hard, stationary objects. These hats were designed specifically for construction workers’ safety in Taiwan. It’s also available in four vivid hues.bump cap

Chin Guard:
This chin guard is a protective strap that employees wear under their chin. This is especially important for individuals operating at a height. Plus, it protects the helmet from falling down off a worker’s head.

chin guard

Hard Cap:
When coupled with the castellated protective liner, the distinctive angled adjuster intended to fit under the occipital bone at the back of the head ensures that one size fits everyone. Because the liner is detachable, the cap may be machine washed for hygienic reasons. It includes a terry toweling sweatband for extra comfort and discreet reflective piping in all colorways for improved visibility and safety.cap

Safety Helmet [Model No: EVO-2-Slip-Ratchet]
This helmet combines a very robust shell with the comfort benefits of the new Evolution® 3D Adjustment TM harness system for exceptional all-day protection in a wide range of situations.

safety halmet

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