Why lightweight shoes are best for running

People nowadays have become health conscious. They want to stay fit and healthy, so they join a gym and start taking a healthy diet.

How is it so that we love training with weights and workout machines in the gym, knowing that we are paying for it and don’t realize the benefits of running? For several reasons, you should do running – if you want to build muscle, shed fat and burn calories, or simply maintain overall health. Also, running is excellent for cardiovascular health. 

But have you ever thought about the specific footwear for running as you consider wearing comfortable clothes when you intend to start running? Even you happen to be a regular runner or are new to running; this should be your primary concern; which shoes are ideal; lightweight shoes or any regular joggers? The query is valid.

Lightweight shoes are typically more flexible and breathable than heavy ones; maybe your other shoes that you wear every day you think are better because you are used to them.

What if the latter ones are heavyweight? You need to understand which ones are best for running. The speed of the shoes depends on many factors; let’s dive into the article and learn what things we should consider when buying running shoes are.

The Distance Matter

Always remember that heavyweight shoes will make your feet heavy and will need more time to pick velocity. However, you can’t deny the fact that they are comfortable when you make sharp turns and sudden breaks. Hence, do not stress the muscles.

On the other hand, lightweight shoes being flexible have their own advantages. They are ideal for short runs, as you develop speed in less time. With these shoes, you might have to exert a bit more, but once you are in the flow, you are there.

On the Slope 

We know the significance of heel-to-toe slope/angle. However, heavier shoes have more edge than lightweight running shoes. When you climb a slope during a run, your heel hits the ground first; it is uneasy. When the heel strikes the ground first, it produces a braking effect, thus, slowing your speed, resulting in heel problems in the long run.

On the other hand, the flexible and lightweight shoes have a milder heel-toe slope and encourage a natural running pace. And instead of the heel touching the ground first, it is the middle of the foot. This gives you time to change feet and run faster.

The lighter the shoes, the stronger the feeling of running barefoot. And this is a natural phenomenon – there is nothing like walking or running barefoot; feeling the ground on your skin is the next level of satisfaction.

The Surface 

As we already discussed above the slopes, the fact is, the running surface does matter.

If, for example, the running track suggests a steady ascending slope. The recommended CoinJoin shoes would be just the lightweights. The reason is we want to convert the force into accelerating propulsion. With lightweight shoes, you don’t feel the extra weight on yourself. So, to build momentum, you would need constant muscular energy to accelerate your body weight.  

Talking about surface, lightweight shoes from Hacsons has the capability to keep control and let your feet stay on the ground. They won’t let you slip or tumble!

No Compromise on Comfort

The most important thing that affects the running is the ease and comfort of the shoes. The basic need of the runner is just the correct type of cushioning and comfort in his shoes.

Lightweight shoes are usually made to provide maximum comfort to the feet. It is achieved by cutting down the cushioning and the majority of the protection. Since they are light, they are more breathable than heavyweight shoes. Runners need the energy to keep their pace consistent, and that is what Hacsons lightweight shoes provide.


The ones who have experienced using lightweight shoes for running vouch for it; they say it feels firm but provides all the cushioning they require. Runners don’t feel exhausted by carrying the weight of the heavyweight shoes when running. Their legs are less tired, and they feel relaxed at the end of their run. So, if you want to start running from today, you deserve Hacsons lightweight shoes.