Model No: Kitenark-3

Fire Extinguisher Trolley Foam


Product Details:

  • The fire extinguishers are designed to comply with all the specification requirements of BS EN 1866-1.
  • Kitemark and LPCB approved for different capacity extinguishers.
  • Cylinders compliance to council directive 2014/68/EU(PED). Certified by BSI (2797)
  • Agent used is AFFF (6%) Synthetic Aqueous film forming foam for effective fire extinguishment.
  • Incorporated with high pressure CE approved CO2 cylinder as propelling agent.
  • Ready for instant use and simple to operate.
  • Cart and cylinder are made of rugged steel and welded to meet extreme use conditions.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Externally coated by Electrostatic powder painting after shot blasting ensures maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Internally coated by electrostatic block powder using resin for corrosion resistance.
  • Large Brass, nickel chrome plated cap for ease during refilling the agent.
  • Cylinder assemblies are designed for easy maintenance by mounting it separately on steel frame and thus can be separated by just removing the steel clamps.
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Model Number NTFC 50X NTFC 100X NTFC 135X
Extinguisher capacity 50 L 100 L 135 L
Fire Rating IVB IVB IVB
Propellant CO2 CO2 CO2
Working Pressure 14 bar 14 bar 14 bar
Test Pressure 32 bar 32 bar 32 bar
Maximum Working Pressure 18.5 bar 18.5 bar 18.5 bar
Total Weight 112.5 kg 189 kg 232 kg
Range of Discharge 6-8 m 8-10 m 8-10 m
Duration of Discharge 55-65 sec 110-120 sec 160-170 sec
Hose Length 16 mm x 5 m 16 mm x 7 m 16 mm x 7 m
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60° C +5°C to +60° C +5°C to +60° C
Cylinder Material Hot Rolled steel plate
Extinguisher Height & Width (mm) 1065 x 550 1100 x 625 1005 x 700

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10 kgs, 30 kgs