Model No: 1034612 

 DuraHoist Winch SS 30 M


  • Maximum lifespanUnlimited
  • Guarantee 1 year
  • Maximum operating timeUnlimited
  • Max. usage charge300 kg
  • Reference numbers1034611, 1034612

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    The Honeywell Miller DuraHoist winch is available in 2 different lengths, 15 or 30 meters. The cable is made of stainless steel, making the winch durable in use. This winch can be attached to the Miller DuraHoist tripod using the mounting bracket (available separately) . Winch for loads This winch is suitable for hoisting and lowering loads (not persons) up to a maximum weight of 300 kg. When this winch is used in combination with the DuraHoist tripod, it falls under the machine directive, 2006/42/CEE. Easy installation The Honeywell Miller DuraHoist winch is easy to attach to the DuraHoist tripod using a mounting bracket. The winch must be attached to the mounting bracket with 4 bolts and this bracket can then be attached to the tripod using 2 locking pins