Head protection is often referred to as hard hats and is a must-have in almost every industry. The versatility of this product is to applaud for, from miners to firefighters, electricians, plumbers, welders and loggers and many more require them as a first-line defence mechanism against any possible dangers and injuries. Like any other major safety equipment, hardhat is a crucial apparatus to safeguard your head.

You may think that choosing the perfect hardhat is a piece of cake, but practically it takes a lot more than it looks. Here is a list of valuable factors that should be taken in consideration while opting for a hardhat or head protection:

  1. JOB AND WORK ENVIRONMENT:- while evaluating the type of hardhat, take account on where and which type of job you do. Make sure that the head protection you choose is the best for the work which is supposed to be done.
  1. RATING:- typically there are two distinct types of head protections:
  • Hardhats which only safeguard the head from anything falling or penetrating from above
  • Hardhats which not only secures you from the top but also laterally – from side to side.
  1. MATERIAL:- head protection equipment are made up of various different materials and all are collectively available in the market. HACSONS supply products with deluxe quality which are light but not so light that it demeans the safety level of the hardcaps that it gives. By working with us, we will thoroughly make sure to not give you any chance of disappointment. Our hardcaps are specially designed to give a high-street fashion look which does not particularly look like an industrial cap, but not at all compromises on the level of security that it has to offer.
  2. ADJUSTING MECHANISM:- being the backbone of the hard cap, adjusting mechanism should be a compelling factor in your process of selecting reliable head protection. Just for the sake of your information, head protection gears come in two types that are defined by the kind of adjustment mechanism used:
  • Pin-lock suspension:- In pin-lock suspension type, to rearrange the size of the cap, you need to take off the cap completely and fit it into an appropriate hole. This method may be compared to the one used in a regular belt.
  • Ratchet suspension:- In the ratchet suspension type, there is a quick ratchet adjusting knob which just needs to be rotated in accordance with your comfortability without removing the cap from your head.
  1. SUSPENSION POINTS:- mostly, hard caps are available with 4, 6 or 8 suspension points. It is generally believed that, the more the suspension points, the higher will be its ability to spread out the force of the impact, keeping the worker safe and sound.
  2. FLEXIBILITY:- as mentioned earlier, our hardcaps are designed in such a way that it looks like a casual cap which is usually worn by youngsters. Therefore the flexibility in the way it can be worn – forward or backwards – all depends on you. Apart from it being stylish, there are certain jobs which require these hats to be worn backwards. It is a noteworthy fact that these type of caps are designed according to the type of functionality but are otherwise risky to wear this way.
  3. ADDITIONAL FEATURES:- with numerous leading brands offering hard caps, we assure you that this stop will be a turning point in your journey of purchasing safety equipment. From luxury to fundamentality, everything will be sorted once you decide to invest in HACSONS. Some unique features that enhance the importance of our hard caps are as follows:
  • Reflective piping
  • Ventilation
  • Special adjuster
  • All-round protection.

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