Model No: 1034430

DuraHoist 3Pod Rescue Tripod



The versatile: lightweight Miller Tripod is designed for typical confined space and rescue applications.


Built from high-strength alloy aluminum: designed to keep workers safe while entering: escaping: and working within an enclosed space.


Withstands up to 5:000 lbs. (22kN) of vertical pull.

Features & Benefits:
  • Available in 7-ft. (2 m) and 9-ft. (2.7 m) models
  • High-strength aluminum construction
  • Withstands up to 5:000-lbs. (22 kN) of vertical pull
  • Adjustable legs with integral push pins: ideal for uneven surfaces
  • Independent leg locking feature holds legs securely in place
  • Safety chain and tripod feet with rubber skid pads and serrated edge prevent slippage in icy conditions
  • Includes reflective tape
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Miller DuraHoist 3Pod

The Miller DuraHoist 3Pod is a single tripod for use in multiple confined space applications. It’s adjustable, easy to transport and incredibly quick to install. There also multiple accessories in the Miller range that are compatible such as Winches and Rescuing devices.

For installing, all legs open simultaneously and there is just one knob fixing all the legs together, hence, ease of installation. As mentioned, it’s adjustable to different manhole sizes ranging from 1-2.50m. It has also been tested for two people, up to 140kg each and is certified to the last requirements of the EN 795:2012 class B (CN/TS 16415).

Some of the Compatible Accessories are:
  • MightyLite Evac 15 M Galvanized Wire Rope – P/N 1005149-A
  • MightyLite Evac 15 M Stainless Steel – P/N 1014390-A
  • MightyLite Evac Bracket For 15 M Durahoist 3pod – P/N 1034431
  • DuraHoist Winch 15 M Stainless Steel – P/N 1034611
  • Winch Bracket For 15 M & 30 M – P/N 1034613
Key Features
  • Quick and Easy connection brackets for quick installation
  • Graving identification marking and QR Code