Model No: Safety Joggers X330 S3

Safety Shoes X330 S3


  • Upper: Textile
  • Outsole: PU/PU
  • Toecap: Composite
  • Midsole: Anti-puncture Textile
  • Lining: Coolmax Mesh
  • Footbed: SJ foam footbed
  • Safety category: EN ISO 20345 – S3 / ESD, SRC
  • Sample weight: 0.680 gr
  • Size range: EU 36-47 / UK 3.5-12.0 / US 4.0-13.0 / CM 23.5-31.0

Low-cut ESD safety shoe in premium Cordura® upper material. S3 safety shoes are suitable for work in an environment with high humidity and presence of oil or hydrocarbons. These shoes also protect against perforation risk of the sole, and foot crushing. Coolmax® technology was originally developed for athletes. The material transports moisture and sweat, so that the body stays dry. We found it extremely suitable for people who work hard for hours every day too. ESD provides the controlled discharge of electrostatic energy that can damage electronic components and avoids risks of ignition resulting from electrostatic charges. Volume resistance between 100 KiloOhm and 35 MegaOhm. Metalfree and lightweight, no thermal or electrical conductivity. Metal free safety shoes are in general lighter than regular safety shoes. They are also very beneficial for professionals who have to pass through metal detectors several times a day. Slip resistant soles are one of the most important features of safety and occupational footwear. SRC slip resistant soles pass both SRA and SRB slip resistant tests, they are tested on both steel and ceramic surfaces.