Model No: VeriShield™ VS110H

VeriShield™ VS110H Helmet Earmuff


VeriShield™ VS110H Helmet Earmuff

    • Model No: 1035119-VS
    • Accessories: Hygiene Kit
      Cool Pads
    • Ear Cup: ABS
    • Foam Insert: PU Foam
    • Ear Cushion: PVC/PU Foam
    • Wire Guide: POM
    • Headband: PU/Foam/Steel
    • NRR: 23dB       CSA Class A
    • SNR: 27dB        H=29dB, M=24dB, L=20dB
    • SLC80: 30dB   Class 5

Superior hearing protection in a lightweight design. Optimum comfort even over long periods of use makes them solutions users will want to wear.

• Large dimension range: Comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes. 17% more adjustable than earlier versions.
• Wide cup opening: Ideal for workers with larger ears: or who wear hearing aids. Opening area of the cup increased by 16% over earlier versions.
• Lightweight cushioned headband: Steel-wire construction with padded headband and precision micro adjustments designed for just the right fit around the ear.
• Memory foam ear cushions: New unique memory foam that combines denser and softer foam than previous models: for greater comfort and attenuation. Reduces squeezing pressure on the head and enhances comfort.

Robust construction
• Steel wire framework
• ABS molded with internal baffle design for lighter weight: patent pending
• An oil-resistant cup surface to withstand oily: heavy-work environments and frequent cleaning

Air Flow Control Technology
Featuring a baseplate chamber and high-tech non-woven layer: Honeywell’s Air Flow Control technology controls how sound reaches the ear: ensuring optimum noise attenuation across all frequencies.

PPE Integration
Easy to use and integrate with Honeywell hard hats and face shields. Can be assembled to a hard hat in approximately 7 seconds.

Attenuation Ratings
The attenuation level of each style is marked on the earmuff cup: for quick and easy on-site identification of the level of hearing protection provided.