Model No: SYK200

 Universal Spill Kits with 20 Gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum

 130000 195000

Product Details:


Compared with the existing spill kit bag on the market, our reinforced spill kit bag is completely changed to a new nylon waterproof, thickened puncture-resistant yellow outer bag. It is equipped with corresponding oil-absorbing or chemical-absorbing cotton sheets, cotton slivers, adsorbents and other decontamination products.

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    81L Universal Spill Kits with 20 Gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum丨Spill kits丨SYSBEL

    SYSBEL supply high quality spill control products, protect for the employees and environment. We have various models for your choice.

    This product is applicable to temporary storage and transportation of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances), and widely applied in secondary packaging, transportation, transfer and spill handling, etc. It is manufactured by one-time rotational molding and can realize 100% spill protection. It also has good toughness. Polyethylene is resistant to UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals. The emergency treatment drum can be nested to reduce the storage space and transportation costs.

    With a variety of adsorption materials, help you respond quickly to unexpected incidents,and can isolate hazardous waste and contaminants with the spill barrel to prevent secondary leakage hazard, which is suitable for large-scale spill.

    Chemical Spill kit Features:

    Made of meltblown polypropylene. Has the following characteristics:

    • Large adsorption capacity (10 or 25 times its own weight)
    • Fast adsorption (measured in minutes)
    • Suspended, suitable for industrial or marine use
    • Clean, light and fast
    • Reusable, save money
    • Not easy to react chemically (chemical resistance)
    • Safe and environmentally friendly, no combustion, no rot or mildew
    • Only 0.02% of ashes are left in high temperature incineration, and each pound of product can release 18000BTU of heat after combustion
    • Active plan to fully ensure the safety of equipment and employees
    • Low total cost and high effectiveness

    Storage Requirements —– Keep away from moisture, open flames and heaters
    Stability —- Stable
    Auto-ignition —- 441 degrees Celsius
    Melting point —- 149-204 degrees Celsius

    Chemical Spill kit Used for:

    Spill kits usually include absorbent pad, absorbent sock, absorbent roll, absorbent pillow, absorbent boom.

    The absorbent pad is suitable for leakage treatment in a small area. When using, the absorbent pad can be directly placed on the liquid surface. The leaking liquid will be quickly absorbed, which is safe and convenient.

    The absorbent roll is suitable for the leakage treatment of indoor floors. When leakage occurs, the operator can directly lay it on the floor for adsorption. In addition, since the cotton rolls are all tear-off type self-collecting packs, they can also be operated instead of cotton sheets when needed.

    The absorbent sock is suitable for large-area or multi-volume leaks. You can use absorbent cotton to delineate the leak range and gradually narrow the leak range. According to the actual leakage area, select the appropriate length of the absorbent cotton sliver, and make sure that the contacts at both ends of the cotton sliver overlap to form a strong barrier for leakage.

    The absorbent pillow is used alone or in combination with absorbent tampons. When in use, the operator can directly place the absorbent pillow on the leaking liquid of a larger area (or the area that has been delineated by the absorbent cotton sliver) to directly and quickly absorb the leaking liquid.

    Universal spill kits are suitable for oil, water, coolants, solvents, pigments, dyes and other unidentified liquids. General purpose absorbent cotton is usually grey. The adsorption products are all wrapped in polypropylene non-woven fabrics that are sewn with a surface-activating treatment agent. The outer fabric is tough and durable, and has strong adsorption properties, so as to absorb the leakage liquid flowing to the adsorption cotton, effectively preventing In order to prevent the spread of leakage, 72% of the leakage liquid can be recovered after the product is twisted and squeezed.

    Oil spill kits are professionally suitable for absorbing petroleum hydrogen, hydrocarbons, etc., only absorb oil, but not water. The inner filling is polypropylene that absorbs oil and repels water. This kind of product does not absorb water when it is used on the water surface. After the adsorption is saturated, it floats on the water. It can adsorb oil 15-40 times its own weight. Usually white.

    Chemical spill kits are suitable for the adsorption of acid, corrosive and other chemical liquids and chemical oils, and are suitable for the leakage treatment of acids, corrosives and other hazardous liquids. Usually pink or red.

    Safety comes from SYSBEL

    Founded in 2003, SYSBEL is the world’s leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions, focusing on the safety management of hazardous chemicals, developing and producing world-leading safe storage, leakage prevention and control and special protection products. SYSBEL has more than 12,600 users and more than 180 partners around the world, and its sales area covers more than 60 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, etc. Industrial manufacturing, food, electronics, automotive, environmental protection, public medical and other industries.

    SYSBEL Qualification:

    • Shanghai “specialized, refined and new” enterprise national high-tech enterprise.
    • The first company in China to obtain the German TUV fireproof cabinet certification The first company in China to obtain the US FM safety cabinet certification.
    • Canadian CSA safety certification company.
    • UK Sedex4P certification.
    • The “13th Five-Year” strategy promotes and supports enterprises.
    • Expert of the Hazardous Chemicals Management Working Group of China Safety and Health Protection Equipment Committee

    SYSBEL values

    Friendliness: “In the beginning of people, nature is good” to treat others with a kind heart. Enterprising: love and dedication, have the courage to undertake,

    continue to learn, and pursue excellence.

    Cooperation: willing to share, obey the overall situation, and grow together with the team with a fair and mutually beneficial mentality.

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