Model No: SAREK

Safety Goggle SAREK


  • Polyvinyl body.
  • Polycarbonate lens.
  • Textile headband.
  • Lens color: clear.
  • Optical filter: 2-1,2.
  • Impact resistance: B (120 m/s).
  • Coating: anti-fog coating
  • Weight: 147 gr
  • Protection against high speed particles at extremes of temperature – medium energy
  • Protection against droplets of liquids
  • OF2 – Optical Filter 2 – 1,2

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    Comfortable safety goggles that provide all-around eye protection. The protective seal around the lens prevents objects, liquids or particles from entering, while the anti-fog coating on both sides ensures a crystal-clear vision in all conditions. The adjustable headband offers a secure and comfortable fit and can be worn with other protective equipment, such as helmets and earmuffs. Fit for multiple purposes.

    Experience ultimate comfort and comprehensive eye protection with our versatile safety goggles. Designed to shield your eyes from a wide array of hazards, these goggles feature a protective seal encircling the lens, effectively blocking out objects, liquids, and particles to keep your eyes safe and secure. The advanced anti-fog coating applied to both sides of the lens guarantees crystal-clear vision even in challenging environments, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.