Model No: WG6000A / WG6000B, SYSBEL.

Portable Eye Wash Station




      • WG6000A
      • WG6000B

Material: PE

Water Capacity:

    • WG6000A: 60/16 L/Gal
    • WG6000B: 30/8 L/Gal

Flushing Time:

    • WG6000A: 18 Min
    • WG6000B: 9 Min

Ext. size:

    • WG6000A: 735x420x416
    • WG6000B: 625x350x342

Packing size:

    • WG6000A: 436×750×435 HxWxD(mm)
    • WG6000B: 357×635×360 HxWxD(mm)


    • WG6000A: 8.5 Kgs
    • WG6000B: 6.0 Kgs.


    • WG6000A: 9.5 Kgs
    • WG6000B: 7.0 Kgs

Certification: ANSI Z358.1, AS 4775, CE


● It adopts PE materials, and the production materials comply with the regulations of F.D.A on the grade on PE materials for food (F.D.A. Regulation
on Polypropylene: the requirements of U.S.21 CFR F.D.A. Regulation Part 177.1520, portable containers clauses (C) for food contact use),and it is
superior in its high intensity, good toughness, good Rigidity, heat and cold resistance
● It complies with human engineering principle in design, and adopts the law of gravity to produce water pressure and deliver water to two nozzles
for eye washing
● It applies to work places without water supply and discharge facilities and can be installed and fixed onto walls as required to provide timely and
professional protection
● It complies with regulations of ANSI/ISEA on emergency eye wash station and showering equipment-ANSI Z358.1-2014
● It is suggested to discharge the liquid in eye wash station every two or four weeks or as required and clean every component of eye wash station