Model No: 3150

Full Face Mask 3000 Series



Full face masks with RD40 universal connection

BLS 3000 series reusable full face masks are available with EPDM face seal. They are characterised by their high protection factor and are compatible with our wide range of universal filters (BLS 400 series) that protect against gas/vapors and toxic particulates.

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    Features And Benefits
    • Available in soft EPDM (BLS 3150-3150V). The inner facepiece is made of thermoplastic rubber.
    • RD40 thread connection according to EN 148-1, Universal among all respiratory protection devices.
    • It is a safety glass laminated with an EVA anti-fragmentation film which holds the pieces together if shattered. It gives a strong resistance against chemicals.
    • Fixed on 6 points directly on the rigid body of the mask in order not to deform the face seal. It allows to distribute the weight of the respirator evenly without leaving face marks.
    • Designed to avoid fogging on the visor through the control of the cold and hot air flows inside the mask, instead of treatments which can easily be spoiled with use