Model No: 2150

Full Face Mask 2000 Series



Full face masks with RD40 universal connection.

BLS 2000 series full-face masks face seal is made of thermoplastic
rubber, as well as the inner facepiece, with which it is fully integrated.
They are characterised by the high protection factor they provide when
used in combination with RD40 universal connection filters (BLS 400
series) that protect against gases/vapours and toxic particulates.

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    Features And Benefits
    • Made of thermoplastic rubber, as well as the inner facepiece. They form together a single mask body.
    • RD40 thread connection according to EN 148-1, Universal among all respiratory protection devices.
    • Designed to avoid fogging on the visor through the control of the cold and hot air flows inside the mask, instead of treatments which can easily be spoiled with use.
    • The visor of the BLS 2150V model is made of glass. To ensure maximum protection in use, the tripartite glass is stratified with an anti-fragmentation EVA layer. It is most suitable for providing high resistance to chemicals.
    • Thanks to overmoulding production, the number of components is extremely reduced, enabling quick and easy product maintenance.
    • The new BLS 2000 series is equipped with a double front exhalation valve to increase comfort by reducing breathing resistance during use.
    • The compact dimensions of the product provide an excellent field of vision through the visor. In both configurations, polycarbonate and glass, a distortion-free vision is guaranteed.
    • Fixed on 6 attachment points, the BLS 2000 series harness guarantees extremely precise adjustment by evenly distributing the pressure on the face.
    • The mask is equipped with a phonic membrane to improve communication