Model No: HS-5221, Safety 53



    A seat harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities.
    For lineman safety belt such as lineman, telecommunications, working at height position etc.
    Suitable for fire fighting, rescue and rappelling help fall into hole victims.

1).Safety belt made from 100% polyester which is very high of toughness, flexibility and tensile strength. Additionally, it is good adhesion, durability, easy maintenance and
recovery whether dry or wet.
2).Quick Buckle 6 positions (chest, waist and 2 thighs) can wear quickly and take off it easily. It is special design for supporting the user’s weight up to 22.3 kN/5000 LBS which is certified according to international standards
3).Back D-ring 1 position increase strength by forging process. Tensile strength is up to 22.3 kN/5000 LBS that classified in Group A is suitable for general fall and various rescue.
4).Rescue Loop at chest for hooking carbine in order to pull the user at the front; for example, wal kat coast on roof, climb on ladder and rescue work.
5).Positioning D-ring located on the hips are used with positioning lanyards and allow workers to use both hands.
6).An attachment point locate on each shoulder strap is used in retrieval operations such
as a confined space.
7).D-ring 1 Position is the front of waist. (around girdle head.)
8).The user will feel comfortable to operate throughout the day.
9).Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort