Model No: BLS 800 Flickit

FFP3 Disposable Mask BLS 800 Flickit


  • Foldable filtering facepieces

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  • Eolo® exhalation valve
    An ultralight membrane concentrates the exhaled air into two zones of maximum aperture, 30% wider than before. With these improvements breathing resistance decreases significantly.
  • Facepiece
    An extensive surface guarantees excellent coverage of the user’s face and lower breathing resistance.
  • Nose clip
    They are placed internally between the layers of the filtering material to reduce the exposed metal parts to a minimum.
  • Foldable
    Allow the respirator to be pocket-sized and able to be distributed with alternative solutions such as vending machines.
  • All models with a single pack
    It allows maintaining a high level of hygiene combined with the possibility to unfold the device without touching the inner mask in direct contact with the face.