Model No: TSAVO

Safety Spectacles TSAVO Clear


  • Polyamide temples.
  • Polycarbonate lens.
  • Detachable foam insert.
  • Lens color: clear.
  • Optical filter: 2-1,2.
  • Impact resistance: F (45 m/s).
  • Coating: anti-fog coating
  • Weight: 35 gr
  • OF2 – Optical Filter 2 – 1,2
  • Protection against high speed particles at extremes of temperature – low energy
  • Resistance to surface damage by fine particles
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Robust yet comfortable safety glasses that are suitable for more demanding applications. Tsavo has a removable foam padding that offers extra cushioning and increases eye protection by keeping out dirt, airborne particles and eye irritants at the edges. As a result, these safety glasses are a perfect fit for dusty or windy environments. Treated with an anti-fog coating on both sides, Tsavo provides a clear vision in a wide variety of environments, even humid ones. Protects against harmful UV light.

Equipped with an advanced anti-fog coating on both sides, Tsavo guarantees clear vision in diverse environments, including humid ones, ensuring optimal visibility at all times. Additionally, these glasses provide reliable protection against harmful UV light, safeguarding your eyes from potential damage.

Designed to prioritize both durability and comfort, Tsavo is the perfect choice for professionals working in rugged environments or engaging in outdoor activities where safety is paramount. Trust in Tsavo to deliver exceptional performance, allowing you to tackle any task with confidence and peace of mind.